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Muahas and Confuzzles [userpic]
by Muahas and Confuzzles (haruhara)
at September 2nd, 2007 (10:25 pm)

For Mods only:

Since some mods aren't getting notes of the new apps, or other new plots, we'll start having weekly mod chats, k? I need to know what time is best so please leave a note when you're available. Don't need people left out and I'm sorry if you have been. :/ That will be fixed and sorry again.

lsc_mods [userpic]
Belated mod post.
by lsc_mods (lsc_mods)
at August 27th, 2007 (10:18 am)

OKAY PEEPS.  As of today, the ball is OVER.  I know some of you wanted extensions, but I'm sorry, we'd like to move on with the rest of the plot.  Not to mention we've got a few new characters to join us!  Fun times all around!! :D

However, if you've still got logs open, please be sure to post them by Thursday!

We'll be given a week or so to recover from the ball, get everything settled, and then we'll move on with our next event! 8D


lsc_mods [userpic]
by lsc_mods (lsc_mods)
at August 21st, 2007 (12:51 am)

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OKAY GUYS. A much needed update has been made! The links on the main profile has been changed around a bit. We lost the contact page and added a new one in place!


I've been working on this thing for two days so I'm sure there are mistakes here and there. If you find them, please leave a comment so I can get to it asap. As you can see, I color co-ordinated them so you can see who's part of which family, red = Rosso and so forth. (Bianco and Giallo = Blue and orange cuz people can't read white and yellow! 8D)

Also, I've updated the Friends Add page so please do so as well, and also, I've rearranged the Taken Characters list so it lists by series instead of family. This will be easy to find out whether the character you want to app is taken or not! Hooray!


Majority of the mods decided that we WILL allow mercenaries afterall but only a limited number! There will be THREE more spots available to be a mercenary so if you're interested. You can actually reserve a spot for a mercenary position on a few conditions:

1) You must reserve a character along with the mercenary position which you must fill out the application in THREE DAYS (your character reserve still lasts a week). You'll get one chance to re-reserve but after that, you'll have to use another character to become a mercenary.
2) You must already have a non-merc. character.
3) You can only have one mercenary.

Not too hard to remember. :3 We'll upadte when we have mercenary positions being filled up. We MIGHT up the number of mercenaries available someday so please keep an eye out!

The ball is still going and soon after that, things will be normal.

...Maybe. :3

Be prepared for the next event, that's all I can say x3

--Celi out!

Axel Rosso [userpic]
Modly announcement once again!
by Axel Rosso (shoothimdead)
at August 15th, 2007 (10:52 am)

Due to popular demand (aka: I wanted it and pestered people until I got my way-- KIDDING, I suggested it and mods agreed) the ball event has been extended to TWO WEEKS, allowing other characters to get in on the fun, and for those of you who had a slow start to join in as well.  (SHUUUU I MEAN YOU AND MARLU.  Hey that rhymed. :B)


Axel Rosso [userpic]
Mod Announcement
by Axel Rosso (shoothimdead)
at August 11th, 2007 (10:59 am)

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Hey y'all! Sorry to rain down a bit of bad news on your parade, but unfortunately we're going to have to postpone the start of the ball until tomorrow. As it stands, we currently have no mods to start the thread. sleazy_clean is away with her family until Tuesday; thebloodyval is still on hiatus; temporaryglitch and I have work; and poisoned_reign has been kidnapped by her family for school shopping.

I'm really sorry about this delay, but tomorrow we'll get under way as planned. The event will go on for the entire week, so we won't be losing much by postponing it a day. (Not to mention, for those of you with applications pending, this will give us an extra day to review and for you to make your journals/get set up if you get accepted - assuming you want these new characters present at the ball).

Okay kiddies. And sorry again!

lsc_mods [userpic]
Activity Check Prz
by lsc_mods (lsc_mods)
at August 2nd, 2007 (01:27 am)

You have a week to post a link to your latest journal entry (for each character)in a comment to this post. It has to have been posted AFTER July 19th. :3

We're working on A SPECIAL EVENT DUNDUNDUN so we apologize for not giving you super updates.

We'll have one soon. ;3

lsc_mods [userpic]
by lsc_mods (lsc_mods)
at July 21st, 2007 (08:46 pm)

Hey GUYS. :D It is Celi-mod here.

We're making a few changes to the app (again I know =_=). But! We're trying to make it easier for you guys. Because we've been a little tough on the apps and so we're going to turn it down a notch to make it easier to app and what not. Jess and her standards geez. Just kidding xP But sorry if we've been too rough on the apps. :O We don't want to scare people away which is why a revision is in order! If there are suggestions or comments for this, please let us know.

All the info should be updated (friends add, character list) soon so if you see a problem, please tell us.

The mods have made an ooc journal, lsc_ooc so joint that too and introduce yourself there! :O I'll put up a little rp thing meme to help that out I suppose!

Uh what else...uhh...OH.

Currently, there is a log between the dons to discuss future plans for the families WHICH WILL BE IMPORTANT later on apparently so we'll stick that in the next update or so so you can see what exactly is going on or you can go check out lsc_logs for that. We'll probably provide a summary anyway. :o

Make sure to update your journals, friendslist and comment! :3 It's more fun to interact with people!


What do you guys think about having a chatroom? I know some RPs have it but some people don't like it. Yes/No? :o

Okay besides that. I think I'm done. Sorry it's scatterbrained but I'm like...doing fifty things at once. :D Comments + Suggestions, feel free to make em.

psst: HTML tags don't like rich text format, Celi-bean. :( ♥


Rikku [userpic]
Pimp the RP!!
by Rikku (gimmeyourgil)
at July 14th, 2007 (11:44 pm)

Rikku-mun here. It occurred to me, we haven't had RP pimpage done yet, and there was no specific advertising html packet made up, so... I took it upon myself to scrape something together. For those of you who love lsc and want to share it with others, I'd love it if you all would use the html I've provided to share it with others.

You can download it here at Megaupload. (You'll need Winzip to open it and get at the txt document inside, but who doesn't have that these days?) Just remember, if you're posting on an RP-advertising community, to follow whatever specific rules they may have laid out.

And in case you're wondering what it looks like... here's a preview:

Rules :: Family Summary :: Family Structure :: City History :: Taken / Reserved Characters :: FAQ :: Apply ::
In the country of Margherita, lying directly in the center, is the city of Fiori. Their motto? "The People Prosper, The City Prospers." They live by it. Most have died for it.

And indeed, the city has prospered. It's blossomed, much like the flower of its name, into one of the most alive towns in all of the country... even though its history is bloody. Struggles. War. Criminal activity.

Many people believe that those who live in Fiori are destined for great things, and they immigrate to the town in droves, hoping to pinch a penny for themselves.

What they don't know is that once they enter Fiori, they'll never be able to leave. Nor will they ever know the meaning of "security" ever again. Not while they are in control. Not while the families bicker to themselves, attempting a balance of power. Not while the crime syndicate rules.

la_stessa_cosa is a panfandom Alternate Universe role-play loosely based off of the history of organized crime. Anything that happens here is not based off of actual events/places/etc.

This role play takes place in the city of Fiori, where five families secretly fight against one another to rule at the top. Those five families are: the Rosso, with their don Axel leading; the Viola, headed by Marluxia; the Bianco, with Rufus Shinra at the top; the Giallo, fronted by the manic Larxene; and the Nero, with "The Bloody Valentine" keeping watch.

This RP opened as of July 7th, 2007. Many positions and tons of characters are currently open. We hope to see you soon!
X-posted on other communities and personal journals. We apologize for any F-list flooding that may occur.

lsc_mods [userpic]
by lsc_mods (lsc_mods)
at July 10th, 2007 (10:23 am)

A liiiittle late in making this announcement, but La Stessa Cosa is currently OPEN!  All of you who have been accepted, please make your journals and start your life of crime! :D

For those of you who haven't, please speak with your mod/Family Don (contact info here, friends-locked)to find out what they have in mind for their families.

All new players, please submit your applications here!  We will reply with an accepted/rejected as well as your mafia family ASAP.  Please remember that we have five mods, and we all must approve your application before accepting you into our RP. :)  Five mods, five lives; we apologize if we keep you waiting for longer than a couple days.

Thank you so much for your attention and now GO HAVE FUN!!!

lsc_mods [userpic]
A Brief History of Fiori
by lsc_mods (lsc_mods)
at July 6th, 2007 (10:41 pm)