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Muahas and Confuzzles [userpic]
Map of Margherita
by Muahas and Confuzzles (haruhara)
at December 15th, 2007 (02:34 am)

In celebrations of my finals being over FINALLY (sorry for the lot of you who still have them), I bring you something I'm sure a lot of you people wanted. Because just for you information, the story of LSC is not based around realworld countries and cities like San Fransisco and Ireland. SO sorry for the confusion, here is a map of the actual countries.

I'll upload a prettier one later with oceans and city capitals but considering that I accidentally saved teh first as a jpg, I need to make a new one. But I'm almost done with Fiori's city map as well which I'm sure we all would like so if there are any specific locations that you'd like to suggest, please let me know now (as in places that might have been mentioned in logs). It will be up tomorrow or Sunday, hopefully~!

Hope this tide you over a little with updates. :o~ I should have a new plot that will be done within a few days if I can get a hold of people outlined until MAY-JUNEish hopefully so we'll see. I need to talk to Giallo/Rosso mod most at the moment. xB So IM ME.